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We make fins. Yes, it’s all about fins! Or rather the dynamic characteristics of the fin. The performance of your gear has a major dependency on the way the fin deforms underneath the waterline. The key is to make it deform in a balanced way.

At Finish we know the complex mathematical relations between design parameters. We rely on applied mathematics in structural and mechanical engineering to map those relations; calculations pointing us in the right direction.

“Theories; who cares? It needs to work in real life”, some will say. Exactly! And that’s where our development riders come in. We can’t rely on theories only. What they feel on the water is decisive. Together we got you covered.


First V2

First V2

Our dedicated slalom fin and flagship model. Designed to compete at the highest level in the most challenging conditions.

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Leendert Wisgerhof
10 years experience as structural engineer // Keen interest in load induced deformations of composites // Started windsurfing in 2009 during master studies
Jordy Vonk
R&D slalom fins
Pro windsurfer with 8 years experience on the PWA worldtour // PWA worldtour rank: 4th (2019 and 2018) // Started windsurfing in 2005
Ennio Dal Pont
R&D slalom fins
Made his PWA Debut in 2018 // Dutch slalom champion (Youth) // World formula champion (Youth) // Started windsurfing in 2012

How it’s made

Resin Transfer Molding

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a closed molding process for the production of composites. In RTM, resin is injected under pressure into a preform filled mold cavity. A low void laminate has a higher load carrying capacity. The RTM process produces parts with very low void content which makes it ideal for application in the construction of highly loaded composite parts like windsurfing fins.

Resin Transfer Molding


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