Jurjen van der Noord

In order to go fast you need to have the right equipment and trust it. A high speed spinout is painful. The Finish Fast fins do exactly what I expect them to do. Very fast and always reliable.

Marco Bos

The finish fast speed turns your slalom board into a speed board. Even with large sails speeds can be achieved that you previously could only achieve with a speedboard. You can sail the fin very small, 33 cm for 7.8 / 67 wide board and 38 cm for 8.6 / 77 cm wide board. The fin releases the board nicely and above all runs in a controlled manner and is extremely fast.

Fabienne Hoogendam

The Finish Fast slalom fins give you a great fast feeling on the water! Very happy to race these fins!

Jordy Vonk

I believe a slalom fin is the most complex one to make. Therefore it was such a nice process developing the Finish First. I want the fin to be fast, but in control; be amazing downwind, but also point upwind; accelerate a lot and work in chop and flat water. Basically an all in one package! I’m super stoked on the fin that came out and convinced that allround this fin gives you all you need!!

Ennio Dal Pont

The Finish First is a pleasure on the water. It gives a lot of comfort and confidence which makes it easier to sail. Under or overpowered, the fin gives the right amount of lift so the windrange is phenomenal.