The key design objective of the FINISH™ Weed was to get the center of pressure as far forward as possible. Various measures have been taken to reach this goal:

  • The foil extends +/- 3 cm  in front of the base.
  • Overal shape and layup design makes it possible to sail it very short; a 28/29 cm for a medium (+/-70cm)  slalom board.

A shortcoming of lots of weed fins is the lack of pointing capacity and backfoot pressure. This results in a poor stance with a bent front leg and a sticky board only coming to life at high downwind speeds. The Finish Weed gives a solid amount of backfoot pressure and lets the board fly on all courses. The pressure on the back foot makes a natural stance and straightening of the front leg possible.

  • LE Rake: 45° near the base of the 34cm
  • Finbox: Tuttlebox // Deep tuttlebox
  • Materials: Carbon-glass composite
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