First V2

First V2

Our dedicated slalom fin and flagship model. Designed to compete at the highest level in most challenging conditions.

This fin will lift the nose high enough to fly over the gnarliest of chop, keeping the trim of your board at all times and giving you the base you need to reach that important first mark first. A good slalom fin needs to perform in a wide range of conditions, which was the major design focus for this model. Downwind, upwind, change of direction; it can handle it all.

New materials have been used to build this fin, resulting in an even higher quality fin than our previous models. Increased UD carbon fiber volume fraction, TeXtreme spread tow and new finishing techniques are used to take that next step forward.

Available from 30 cm up to 46 cm.

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Ennio Dal Pont

The Finish First is a pleasure on the water. It gives a lot of comfort and confidence which makes it easier to sail. Under or overpowered, the fin gives the right amount of lift so the windrange is phenomenal.

Jordy Vonk

I believe a slalom fin is the most complex one to make. Therefore it was such a nice process developing the Finish First. I want the fin to be fast, but in control; be amazing downwind, but also point upwind; accelerate a lot and work in chop and flat water. Basically an all in one package! I’m super stoked on the fin that came out and convinced that allround this fin gives you all you need!!