Parametric Design

designFinish uses parametric design tools to design fins and tooling. A parametric model is created with inputs like constraints, dimensions and the relationship between geometric entities. The designer is not drawing a 3D-model directly. The parametric model generates the 3D-model, based on the input parameters. Parameters like chord, profile and outline can be adjusted quickly with high accuracy. The efficiency of multiple designs is then compared in CFD software.

Calculation of twist and deflection curve

Finish believes the performance of a fin has a major dependency on bending characteristics or how a deformed wing travels through the water. That’s why the main focus is on the deformation of the fin during sailing / loading. The ability to calculate the deflection curve and twist provides a fast convergence to the best solution. As a result the contribution of trial-error design is limited. Differential equations for multiple domains along the length of the fin are solved.

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