The idea of starting a business in windsurfing fins arose back in 2014 by Leendert Wisgerhof, an amateur GPS windsurfer. Owing his professional background in civil / structural engineering there has always been a keen interest in (the deformation of) windsurfing fins. Additionally, he believes myths are going around in the world of windsurfing on topics like the way composites deform and the hydrodynamics of windsurfing fins: Finish was born.

The performance of a fin has a major dependency on bend curve and twist characteristics or how a deformed wing travels through the water. That’s why the main focus is on deformations. A theoretical understanding of load-induced deformations is of utmost importance in order to develop the best fins. With the ability to calculate bend and twist characteristics, the use of one of the best production techniques together with the attention to detail, Finish is confident in contributing to the development of windsurfing.

To couple a real world feeling to the layups Finish is cooperating with top level windsurfers. Jurjen van der Noord (speed) and Ennio Dal Pont (slalom) are able to give detailed feedback on layup performance, which is essential for making a good subsequent design. See Team section below for more information.

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  • team

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    Jurjen van der Noord

    Holding the official WSSRC ratified Dutch national speed record of 51,26 knots over 500 m Jurjen van der Noord belongs to the best speed windsurfers in the world. His capability to distinguish subtle differences in layups is of major importance for fine-tuning the speed models. Picture by Angelo Pecere – Ghosts Of Speed.

    Ennio Dal Pont

    Being dutch national champion slalom youth and world champion formula youth Ennio knows exactly what fin he needs to compete with the best. With his feedback on the slalom layups he’s a valuable asset for Finish.
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